DeNooyer Chevrolet Welcomes GM Dexos Oil


A lower cost alternative to a full synthetic oil is a synthetic blend motor oil. Denooyer now offers a new motor oil specification specific to the GM brand called Dexos. Dexos is designed to enhance engine protection and engine oil longevity. DeNooyer has replaced it’s once conventional oil with GM Dexos. Giving all vehicles that they service a superior edge on performance and protection for the same everyday low cost of a conventional oil change.

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General Motors is committed to designing, building and selling the best cars in the world – and to making the experience of owning a GM vehicle one of the best.  That commitment even extends to the oil put into a GM engine.  Oil is a vital component of any engine and helps it run at its peak performance.

That’s why GM Powertrain Fuel and Lubes engineers developed the dexos™ engine oil specification.  The result – an engine oil designed specifically for your GM engine with added performance in areas important to its operation and maintenance.  dexos™ is a high quality, robust oil that will contribute to longer drain intervals (meaning a customer can go longer between oil changes) as well as improved emissions performance, fuel efficiency and engine protection.  And, just like GM, it’s global.  That’s because the same quality oil needs to be available everywhere.

dexos™ is the recommended oil for any GM car.  It’s that simple.

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your powertrain warranty.  Using engine oils other than dexos™ may result in damage to your engine that is not covered.

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