Thanks for the Great Review!

Reason for Visit: Sales (New) I Recommend this Dealer: Yes Employee(s) Dealt With: Sara & Ray

Review:     We were greeted by Sara soon after we arrived. She was very professional, even under the severe weather conditions we were facing that day. {{Snow, wind and freezing tempatures}} She stayed late to finish the purchase and we appreciated that! {{almost 2 hours after closing time}} Thank you Sara!!!
Now for Ray……..he made us laugh. He had a great attitude. We joked around and he made the finance part enjoyable rather than dreadful. Thanks Ray!!!
We have purchased our last 7 vehicles from another dealership down the road and we were on our way to their Chevrolet dealer in South Haven when we decided to just quick stop by your lot and check it out….we have now found our new dealership.
It was just a very calm, relaxed and enjoyable experience.
Thank you!
Shannon Hampsten & Shana Leeper of Three Rivers, MI

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