Chevrolet ‘Under the Blue Arch’ Ads Inspired by ‘The Office’ Video

Michael Scott and Jim Halpert won’t be selling you a Chevrolet, but the brand’s new advertising campaign is borrowing some comic influence from Randall Einhorn, director of The Office.

“The automotive retail advertising landscape is very crowded, so you have to find a way to break through,” said Joel Ewanick, GM vice president and Global Chief Marketing Officer. “Humor is a great educator and this campaign is designed to grab people’s attention, tweak their funny bone and get them to consider Chevrolet.”

Dubbed “Under the Blue Arch,” the new local dealer advertising campaign will feature a 30-second retail format with a recurring cast set in a new Chevy dealership meant to mimic the TV series.

The cast of the commercials is a “made for TV” dealership family, with characters ranging from a former radio host turned salesman to a top-selling single mother.

The first of these ads is available after the break, and shows the cast involved in a Nerf Gun fight, what they call a “typical pre-work team building exercise at Under the Blue Arch.”


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