Love it or Return It – Chevy Total Confidence

Chevy Confidence program: Don’t like your new car? Return it

  • By Melissa Burden
  • The Detroit News

Chevrolet:”Love it or Return it” program: GM launching a program to let new  Chevrolet owners return vehicles for up to 60 days with 4,000 miles if they  don’t like it.

General Motors Co.’s Chevrolet brand is so confident consumers will be  satisfied with its vehicles that if they don’t love the car they buy, Chevy will  let them return it.

GM said beginning Tuesday through Sept. 4, U.S. dealers will offer the Chevy  Confidence program, which gives special prices on 2012 Chevrolets and allows  buyers to return their 2012 or 2013 vehicle if they don’t like it after trying  it out for a month or two. A GM spokeswoman said she didn’t know of any dealers  who were opting out.

“We have transformed the Chevrolet lineup, so there is no better time than  now to reach out to new customers with the love it or return it guarantee and  very attractive, bottom-line pricing,” Chris Perry, Chevrolet vice president of  marketing, said in a statement. “… Our research shows consumers are reassured of  the quality of a product and like the peace of mind that comes with knowing they  have the option of being able to return their vehicle.”

The “Love it or Return it” promotion comes just as Chevy begins sales of  models of its all-new 2013 Malibu sedan and Spark minicar this summer and works  to rid 2012 models on dealer lots.

Returns are accepted if customers have driven less than 4,000 miles, the  vehicle has no damage and it’s within 30 to 60 days from purchase. The program  also includes “Total Confidence Pricing,” or preferred prices on 2012 Chevrolets  on top of incentives. Prices are lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail  price, said Afaf Farah, a GM spokeswoman.

“We know from customer research that many people like the idea of not having  to haggle over the price of the car, so we have created a situation where the  price you see is the price you pay,” Farah said in an email.

Chevy Confidence mirrors past programs such as an advertising campaign in  fall 2009 that featured then-Chairman Ed Whitacre touting a 60-day money back  guarantee. GM’s Saturn brand, which went away after GM’s 2009 bankruptcy, also  offered no-haggle pricing and a 30-day return policy.

Some analysts such as Jesse Toprak, vice president of market intelligence at, expect GM will see a boost in sales the next couple of months from  the program.

“It is a smart and cost effective program that will work toward diminishing  the perception gap of the Chevrolet brand particularly in coastal metropolitan  areas where consumers have a stronger preference toward the import brands,”  Toprak said in a statement.

GM had 3,079 Chevrolet dealers at the end of 2011, down from 3,812 at the end  of 2008 before bankruptcy.

GM dealers, including Chevy dealers, have been working to better the retail  experience for customers, including new showrooms and better trained staffs to  offer customers better service.

“Chevy Confidence adds another element of convenience to the retail  experience that is sure to attract consumes to our showrooms and we know through  first-hand experience that once they get behind the wheel of one of our new  products, they are more likely to take one home,” Steve Hurley, owner of  Stingray Chevrolet in Plant City, Fla., said in a statement.

Chevrolet sold 4.76 million vehicles across the globe last year and  executives have said they expect the brand’s sales top 5 million this year.

Details on the program are available at

From The Detroit News:

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