From Broken to Brand New: What Our Body Shop Can Do For You

DeNooyer Chevrolet Body Shop has been part of the DeNooyer Automotive
Family since the start of the company 73 years ago, and has the experience and quality
to prove it. Whether it’s for scratches on your car or a total reconstruction, they have the
training and technology to get the job done. Our technicians have up to date training
through GM, ICAR, and ASE, as well as modern equipment to be able to solve any
issue with ease.
Our body shop also offers a seamless process for it’s guests. If your car is in
need of minor repairs you can simply bring the car in for an estimate and schedule your
repairs; after that, our technicians take car of the rest; because of our onsite auto body
and repair shop as well as our service drive, our technicians have the ability to send
cars to service for oil changes or any other needed service they may find while repairing
your vehicle. Having trained eyes on your car while it’s in has its benefits because you
may not notice something is wrong with your car until it is diagnosed. We will also know
of any recalls that may need updating, making your car as safe as possible, for as long
as possible.

If your car is in need of a more extensive repair and you can’t drive it in, we can
arrange to have it towed in. Hertz and Enterprise will come here! Additionally, we will
work directly with insurance companies to create a pain-free process. We also provide a
van for courtesy pickup and drop off. If you’ve got a busy day and can’t wait for a pick up
we also have a rental car department that can put you in a car and get you on with your
day. You’ll be able to relax with the peace of mind that you’re getting the best service
and care for your car with a process that eliminates the hard work for you.

Finally, one of the greatest distinctions of our body shop is that we will price
match aftermarket and LKQ parts with genuine GM parts. GM matched parts and
OEM’s (original equipment materials) are better quality parts that have a better fit for
your car because they were made for your car.
DeNooyer Chevrolet’s body shop is open 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM Tuesday through
Friday and stays open late on Wednesdays until 8:00 PM. Feel free to stop in and check
out our current specials and offers. Remember, we don’t just fix Chevys, we fix

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