Tobacco Free Campus Initiative

Over the past year we have taken on several initiatives to make it easier for employees to live healthy lifestyles at work; giving out FitBits and holding monthly wellness challenges. We, as a business invested in our community, and an employer invested in our team, want to start off the year with another healthy initiative. As of January 1, 2017 we are a smoke free, tobacco free, and vapor free campus.

We Care About Our Team and Our Customers:

There is no safe level of secondhand smoke for employees, and no safe period of time for exposure. When employees breathe secondhand smoke, it is as if they are smoking. Breathing secondhand smoke at work increases chances of getting lung cancer by 20 – 30% and it damages the lining of blood vessels, changes which can cause a heart attack. Workers who smoke have more accidents than nonsmokers on the job, and smoking contributes to the risk of fire and explosion.

Smoking contributes toward absenteeism and lost productivity. Employees who smoke are absent from work 50% more often than those who don’t smoke.

To promote a safe and healthy environment for the Company’s employees, customers, and visitors, the use of tobacco products is not allowed anywhere inside or in areas surrounding company facilities, including company vehicles, parking lots, and personal vehicles in company parking lots. You may not begin using tobacco/nicotine products until you are off company property and you must extinguish the dispose of all products before returning to company property.

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