New! Miles Ahead Maintenance for TFL

DeNooyer Chevrolet 

Tires for Life Program Amendment

Please be aware that effective Thursday June 1st 2017, DeNooyer Chevrolet’s Tire’s for Life customer loyalty program has been amended to simplify the customer servicing experience. Based on customer and employee feedback, we have decided to simplify the program to one consolidated maintenance requirement. Customer maintenance requirements will no longer be the alternation between GM’s Maintenance 1 and Maintenance 2 services but rather a single Miles Ahead Maintenance (all other fees and requirements remain unchanged).

In response to customer feedback, the price of the Miles Ahead Maintenance will be an average of the Maintenance 1 and 2 labor prices to preserve the customer’s overall expected expense however the services performed will remain consistent with the strict inspections that were previously found in the more expensive Maintenance 2. We believe it is important to continue to provide this higher level of inspection and service at the reduced rate to continue to provide our best customers with the highest level of service.

Customers may alternatively elect to remain on the legacy program requirements if they desire – please see adviser for details. All other requirements including alignments, mount and balance, environmental or shop fees all still apply.


See dealer for additional details.

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