Car Raffle Results in Surprising Act of Fate

“I didn’t think people ever won those things!” Caroline Greenman admittedly said to her husband, Todd, when he called her from work informing her he had won a 2-year lease on a new 2019 Chevrolet Cruze from DeNooyer Chevrolet and the Kalamazoo Football Club late last week. He promptly went out that evening to also buy a lottery ticket, trying to extend his good fortune, though his luck appeared to have already expired for the day.


Todd entered a chance to win at a Kalamazoo Football Club’s match Memorial Day weekend when they played Oakland County Football Club. “It’s been a great experience partnering with DeNooyer Chevrolet, not only to give the car away, but that both of our philosophy’s match up in that we value helping and giving back to the community. We are so glad to be able to provide the opportunity to give a vehicle away to help benefit the club and benefit the charities that the club plays for.” Dave Shufelt, President of the Kalamazoo Football Club notes.


(Pictured: Rick Tiller – Product Specialist, DeNooyer Chevrolet; Caroline Greenman; Todd Greenman; Ryan DeNooyer – General Manager, DeNooyer Chevrolet; Dave Shufelt – President, Kalamazoo Football Club)

In reminiscing on the moment he found out, Todd said “I couldn’t remember if I had purchased a ticket or just had a free entry. I barely remember signing up, so when a friend of ours saw that my name was drawn, she called me. I was so surprised that this was happening to me.”

It turns out, winning was both surprising and an act of fate. At the end of this school year, the Greenman’s son, Jack, was at school at Kellogg Community College and came out to the parking lot to find the family’s Chevrolet Cavalier, that Todd and all four of their children had driven at one time or another, had been totaled after a driver took a turn too sharply and crashed into the front end.

“My son is jealous for sure,” Todd told DeNooyer Chevrolet during pick up of the vehicle. Informing his son about the winnings was also a highlight for the family. On Todd’s return home the day of winning, he handed his [Chevrolet] Impala keys to his son saying, “Here is your new car! I just won one!” Naturally, his son was disappointed, believing he was getting the new vehicle.

“This is really going to help our family’s transportation needs, as our son goes back to school soon and we won’t have to share a vehicle any longer. He’ll be driving my Impala, while I get to drive the new car,” Todd said.

Todd and Caroline were excited to pick up the vehicle, Thursday, July 18th, most looking forward to driving it and seeing the features. Caroline’s father would have probably been most excited about the event, having been a long time GM employee.


“At DeNooyer Chevrolet, one of our goals is to provide the best transportation options to the community and in this instance, we are so happy that not only a quality vehicle was given away, but that it went to a family that truly needed it.” Ryan DeNooyer, stated upon delivery of the vehicle.

For more information, please contact Erin Sparks, Marketing Director for DeNooyer Chevrolet at or (269) 372-3040.

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